Welcome to HotelPalooza!

Post on July 23, 2013 by Zain Hyder

Welcome Friends... Welcome Travelers... Welcome Hoteliers... and Welcome all! I’m pumped and thrilled to announce our beta launch of HotelPalooza. As we embark on what I think will be a fantastic journey I’d love to let everyone know how we came up with the concept you see before you today. Not too long ago I came to the realization that I have an odd fascination with hotels and I mean really odd. With my wife and child in the car there have been times when I will see a new hotel pop up somewhere and decide to go in and give myself a tour only to get a call minutes later from the car wondering when I’m coming back out. As the years have gone by I have used just about every major travel site. Some have been good, some not so good, some boring, and some almost identical to another. One thing I noticed though as I booked and traveled was every single existing travel site focused on the booking process and price aspect. This is great because everyone loves to save money right? But if you really take a good look, a lot of these sites display the same information and rates as one another. They just have a different heading and logo at the top of the page.

Instead, what if there was a tool out there to help travelers enhance their stay and visit once the travel is booked? How could I inform or RSVP an entire tourist destination (hotels, car-rentals, restaurants, etc..) that I’m coming to their city so that maybe they’ll shoot me some deals that they can’t advertise publicly? When I’m traveling with my large group of friends or cousins how can I quickly find a Group Rate deal without a bunch of back and forth with a hotel sales/groups coordinator? All of these are questions many of us deal with whenever we think about travel.

It occurred to me that we’ve already got so many travel sites that essentially do the same thing…we have a concept that’s still a great tool for travelers but does something entirely different. With the help of some people in the business and some early encouragement I formed a partnership with some other travel enthusiasts (who happen to also be developers) and we came up with HotelPalooza. After over a year of development we put together the first travel site dedicated to the enhancement of your experience post destination arrival. There’s a site now that lets you enhance and upgrade your stay once you arrive to your destination. HotelPalooza’s upgrade tool lets you find hotels to book based on what upgrades a participating hotel is offering. You can find hotels that offer such perks as early check ins, late check outs, suite upgrades, spa treatments, and many other extra amenities free of charge that hotels are giving away to earn your business. There is no other site in the world that does this. So when we get asked “How is HotelPalooza different?” There’s your answer.

The RSVP feature is an additional powerful tool that lets you in on deals that are probably not being made public. Now, as part of your planning you can simply create an RSVP to the city you’re headed to and watch as hotels, car rentals, restaurants, and other businesses are alerted to your upcoming travel and send you deals that you’d otherwise not know of. Such deals may include group discounts, coupons, free room nights (hotels), and many other possibilities. You’ll be able to pick which deals are best for you, your family, or your group.

To encourage hotel properties to participate and help us connect them with users and travelers there are other highlights that serve as secondary features at HotelPalooza. The first is Group Rates. Hotel properties can easily and free of charge now advertise to the world what they are offering to large groups coming their way. The second is Hotel Jobs. In exchange for hotels participating with us we allow them to bypass high cost job posting sites and post their openings with us. Hospitality job seekers can view all job openings by city and perhaps land the job that’s best for them.

So in a nutshell that’s who we are and what we’re doing at HotelPalooza. As we like to say “We can’t control your budget, but we can control what your budget buys!”. Come along with us for the ride…remember to RSVP..and always Upgrade your stay!

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