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Now you don’t have to go looking for deals in the destination you are about to visit. The deals come looking for you. Simply create an RSVP and watch as hotels, car-rentals, restaurants, and businesses send you their best unpublished deals. Select and filter the deals you want to receive.


Ever wondered how to get free upgrades on your hotel stays? Stop wondering and tell us what your destination is and we’ll tell you which hotels in that destination are providing the upgrades you’ve always wanted. Suite upgrades, late check-outs, meal vouchers, and even complimentary nights are among the many freebies hotels have in store for you. At HotelPalooza we can’t control your budget, but we can certainly control what your budget buys.

Group Rates

Hotels love group business. Check out our listing of the best group rates offered at your next destination. Here, you’ll see a list of hotels that would love to have your group business and will give you the best deal they can.

Hotel Jobs

If hotel or banquet employment is your forte, then you’ll want to visit the HotelPalooza job board. Hotels list their job openings regularly here and you can skim through the job openings to see if there’s a job for you.